Fox’s The Swan” New high in trash show lows

Watching the premiere of The Swan, flawed women put into the hands of a team of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, fitness trainers and therapists to be made over to compete in a–wow–pageant (do women over 20 really enter these?) To make it even more interesting, each episode features two volunteers who compete in the make-over sweepstakes.
After $70,000 or so of services each, one women is chosen to “go on to the pageant;” the other goes home (yes, she gets to keep the boobs, tooth veneers, hair dye, etc.)
Of course, even as I’m busy dishing the dreadful values of this show, I am watching, enthralled through all 30 tacky minutes of delicious story. Who can’t be seduced by the idea of having your own team of expert elves turn you into Snow White? And isn’t the joy of these women contagious? As silly as it is?
Verdict: Delicious trash. Extreme Makeover to the max.