Houston, I’ve got GMail

Just got an invite to test GMail. Who wouldn’t?
Now have Gmail account.
Please send me some mail at mernit at gmail.com and I’ll report back on using it.
In some ways GMail seems like a blog or threaded message board—-posts and responses to it are grouped together . The interface is like little notecards.
And they don’t want you to delete your mail…That part scares me, kinda like the old Twilight Zone episodes where they feed the hungry humans lots of grub–so they can fatten them up for dinner later. (Translation: The more messages they can scan, the better the targeting, the more money they make on sending you ads.)
Vroom, vroom, I’m intrigued–what if this is another really neat improvement on digital life from good ol’Google?
Prediction: The (very empty) Manage Account screen for my account would be a great place to link in FOAF data and Orkut info…is that tk?