Tacoda to form paid aid network based on audience profiling technology

Tacoda, the company that’s done such a good job of selling audience management/ad targeting tools and online registrations systems to publishers and portal sites(such as Advance.net and About.com), is r reported to be planning a new advertising network that will essentially compete with paid search products from Google, Overture and others.
Today’s ClickZ story quotes CEO and founder Dave Morgan as saying “There’s so much demand from advertisers for cost-effective, scalable advertising that’s easy to buy, that’s targeted,” and “It’s more intuitive for a marketer to buy a person than a keyword,”
Some Mernit speculations:
–Tacoda’s new product may also be DART-compatible,which could offer sites the capability to synchronize their IAB advertising with paid search links, creating highly targeted advertising solutions.
–It might also be compatible with–or customized to fit–existing classifieds solutions, which would be a fascinating opportunities for news and information sites–particularly local ones–to find ways to win back some of this advertising (I’m thinking of targeted employment/recruitment display ads and auto dealer ads).
–How about applying this new product to ecommerce referral? Targeted CTC sounds like an interesting opportunity to explore.
–And how about hyperlocal? I bet small newspaper chains will be all over this–it should definitely improve their ad serving value.