Vin Crosbie weighs in: Is blogging journalism?

Vin Crosbie: “Is blogging is journalism? What are the differences? If you want to know, don’t invite speakers from either side. Instead, invite speakers who each are are both bloggers and journalists. They’ll know the answers.”
Vin has a long and detailed set of posts about discussions of blogging at recent conferences: BloggerCon, Mediamorphosis, Clickz’s Weblog Business Strategies conference and the University of Texas’ annual Online Journalism Symposium.
His appraisals seem pretty right on, according to lots of folks who’ve been at more of these conferences that I have, and certainly on target for the ones I’ve attended (though his view of Mediamorphosis is harsher than mine), but the best part is Vin’s insightful and systematic approach to how people ask this question.
(Side note: Vin is definitely on a role these days; his increased presence on his weblog is terrific and he is writing some great items, such as today’s post on online news.