$$ Tacoda signs AP Deal for news sites $$

Audience management systems sweep the field in an effort to provide better reporting and higher-prices CPMs to news sites–and Tacoda is leading the pack. According to Melinda Gipson at NAA, The Associated Press has signed an agreement to use the ASP version of TACODA Systems’ Audience Management System to learn more about users who
access news stories and multimedia on the 400-plus Internet sites served by the AP’s hosted news service.
With so many large clients, Tacoda must be learning a terrific amount about audience behavior and getting good data sets with which to refine their tracking products.
I’ve been a big fan of Tacoda since last summer, when I interviewed a number of online news sites, large and small, implementing their systems and then reconnected with Dave Morgan,their CEO. Having just raised $7MM in new funds, they should be feeling pretty good about now.
Morgan quote: “With distribution across thousands of Web sites, more people read AP stories than any other news organization. TACODA’s AMS will help AP sort this enormous readership into large groups of behavioral-defined audience segments that experience has shown, will respond at extraordinary rates to well-targeted campaigns from advertisers.”
Translation: We will help you make A LOT more money from your news.