About today

So the truth is, I got almost nothing done today on the work side of my life.
Aside from reading-and then sending out–10,000 emails, updating the blog, doing some work in the wiki for a project that won’t go public till next week–I did nothing.
If this sounds like a lot, it should give you a good sense of both my aspirations for today, and the quantity of things I need to do.
On the other hand, I made progress in having more of a life: Worked out at the gym(I have the coolest grad student trainer), got the dog from the kennel way out in the Almaden Valley, bought groceries so we could eat something beyond eggs, tuna, and peanut butter, and threw away all those things that mutate into a half-life at the back of your fridge when you’re away for a week and the only person home is a busy teen.
Of course, after six days on the road, this isn’t bad as re-rentry goes. And I have the rest of the week–here in sunny Northern California–to get everything else done that’s on my list–and then some.