Big dogs, little apartments

Via Jen Chung, guestblogging at The Show, a story from the increasingly quirky New York Times on the owners of big dogs and the small spaces they squeeze them into.
Writes Andrea Elliott: “In a city defined by small spaces – cabs, elevators, cramped apartments and crowded sidewalks – it is often cause for bewilderment that New Yorkers would willingly choose to live with Great Danes, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards and Irish wolfhounds. Everything is outsize: the hair, the smell, the pull of a passing squirrel, the grooming bills, the food intake and its inevitable digestive exit, which can summon spectators like some kind of street show.”
What Elliott doesn’t mention is that owners of big dogs, no matter how huge, unfailing say “Oh,he just doesn’t seem that big to me.”

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