Blogger gets major new feature release

They said it would happen on Mother’s Day–and it did. Blogger’s got a brand new interfac and some interesting new features. What stands out?
1) Radically different interface for creating and editing posts–think Typepad, Jr.
2)A profile area (thnk Typepad, again), but also a place for Google to be able to develop FOAF capabilities, add in Gmail and search your blog/search the web capabilities, and, of course, place smart little ads someday, if they dare(and since Blogger is free, why wouldn’t they dare?)
3) Comments: I enabled mine, then hid them because this features eliminates comments on all past posts (via reblogger)–not ready to turn that out tonight, but again, it looks just like Typepad.
4) Cute little publishing clock showing progress of republish
5) Expanded knowledgebase, Biz Stone style–no bland tech manuals here.
Demanding cynic that I am, I think this is definitely a major upgrade. And suspect there’s more to come.
Monday update: BBC News story on new release describes Ev Williams as saying that Google “would be looking at incorporating Google’s search technology into Blogger, offering subscribers the ability to search their blog.”