(More) New blogs to note

Blogging is so cool because people can start and stop at any time, and their individual voices can be so interesting. A couple of new blogs (some just new to me) have crossed my screen that I’m definitely going to be reading with interest:
Jupiter/ClickZ editor Pamela Parker’s The River is Pamela’s third outside the office venture, if you count her cashmere knitting company and the company start-up blog as her first two projects. This new project is a catch-all site (a bit like this one) where Pamela’s very sharp insights and ideas hold forth.
Pamela’s old boss Tom Watson, late of the Riverdale Press and the beloved @NY, started blogging again recently. I’d checked out his blog when it launched, but couldn’t get the RSS feeds to work for me; he’s got a new source now ( feedburner) that should do the trick.)
Finally, Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, and long time AOL VP, first of AOL Moviefone and then of AOL Gaming, has started Only Once, which looks like a great blog where the spin is being a first time CEO. (Matt says he was inspired by Fred Wilson, another recent blogger and one of the guys who is making me think of this bubble’s VCs as kind, sensitive guys.)