New project hits build phase; feels great

My 5ive partner and I have been working for the past six weeks on a project for a media company that involves developing the business strategies and product plans for a new web site, to be launched in conjunction with a new product for women ages 25-50. Over the past six weeks, we’ve developed creative briefs, business case scenarios, revenue projections, and recommendations on partners and vendors for the client. We went through a detailed RFP process and met with some great firms, then worked with our client to select a vendor to create the site. One of our deliverables was that Silicon Valley favorite, the MRD (Marketing requirements document, aka the product plan).
The MRD went out to the vendor last night and we held the kick off meeting this morning.
The vendor–a design and production company–introduced their team and we went through the document, with no red flags. They’re now off creating timelines and a revised scope of work (post RFP).
This project is now officially in phase 2–the build. So far, it seems to be on track (Of course, there are tight deadlines–that’s another constant of product launches, right?)
Wow, talk about a good feeling! It feels great.