Nick blogs back

This is what is grand about blogging: Nick Denton has his say about Greg Lindsay’s Biz 2.0 piece and the blog post is more interesting than the article.
Choice quotes from Nick:
“Why are business journalists so obsessed by blogs? (For total overkill, there’s another profile, coming out the next Wired Magazine.) Even if one believed the hyper-ventilating estimates of the medium’s potential, the fact remains that they are small businesses with, as Jeff Jarvis puts it, the revenues of a Burger King franchise. Why the attention?
The media is simply narcissistic. That’s part of the answer. Maer Roshan’s Radar project, for instance, has enjoyed and suffered far more scrutiny than the financial investment would normally warrant. Greg Lindsay’s personal preoccupation with Gawker seems to stem from the fact that we used to write about him and, since he “went freelance”, no longer do. Media about media about media.
But there’s something more than that. Writers like Greg Lindsay, and editors such as Josh Quittner of Business 2.0, wrote about the 1990s internet boom. They saw acquaintances get rich, and they missed the opportunity. Many of them ended up, after stints at bubble publications such as Inside, out of work.”
There’s more, a lot more, on the blog. More than enough to suggest that Nick Denton is as smart as they come (but of course, you know that–the guy’s created all these kick-ass sites, entertaining as they come…)