Teens online: Jupiter data shows girls rule

iMedia story on Jupiter research on teens and the net:
“Teens using the Internet shape trends, says three Jupiter Research reports. And the 18 million U.S. teens using the Internet is expected to soar to 22 million in 2008…more online teens are regular users of instant messaging (71 percent) and online content like personal pages and Weblogs (30 percent). Teens also outpace adults in gaming, music and movies, but participate less in online entertainment categories like sports and TV.”
And, apparently, girls rule. “Conventional wisdom says girls mature faster than boys do, and this phenomenon holds true online,” says Vikram Sehgal, research director of JupiterResearch. “On average, a 14-year-old girl is more active online than a 17-year-old boy. Teen boys spend 150 percent more time per week playing online games than girls do, but girls spend 22 percent more time online.”