Who’s reading my feed, dude?

Fred Wilson: “I?ve put all this time and energy into my blog page with House Ads, Adsense, Blogrolls, etc and it?s a total waste of time and energy. Because by the end of this year, the number of people who actually visit my blog will be less than 10% of my total audience.”
At the same time, as Wilson’s commentators point out, RSS engines can ping a site every hour or so, so the number of queries and the number of readers won’t match.
Jason Calcanis says: “…One person who has their RSS reader set at every five minutes can be hitting your RSS file over 13,000 times a month. We have people doing that at www.weblogsinc.com and it is *very* confusing. We are working on technology to figure our how many unique readers we have per feed, how often the average person hits the file and which posts are opened.”
(Thanks for the pointer, Kevin!)