Blog-a-rama: What do you read regularly?

What’s your (digital) reading routine?
AM: First read Page Six, Romenesko, the New York Post & Daily News Business Sections and the New York Times, along with the Merc or SFgate.
Then Paid Content, Gawker, iMedia Connection, MediaPost, Battelle’s SearchBlog , JD Lasica, Mary Hodder, and some others.
After a quick look at Google News, I get to work.
Of course, I get Google News alerts during the day and I read them when I’m taking a break, along with newsletters that look interesting(I throw most of them away). Plus friends and project teams frequently send me links.
PM: Scripting News and Buzzmachine, then onto the RSS reader to look at blogs. There are 306 in my newsreader, and it takes a while to get through them all, so I do this every few days.
And you? What’s your information routine?
Update: My bud Peter Caputa’s picked up this meme right here.