Bureaucracy: The nature of

A friend told me a story tonight about email at his job that is worth passing along:
“I’ve worked at a good-sized health facility for the past few years. When I am going to be out of the office, I send a note to my group. Recently, the email list changed, so now group notes go not just to my area, but to the whole company.
I knew I was going to be out on Thursday last week, so I sent out a note. Almost immediately, I got responses from people I didn’t know, all corporate Vice Presidents, telling me I had formatted my email incorrectly and suggesting changes for the future.
This week, I knew I was going to be out for another day(I am in a training program), so I sent out another note.
Of course, I incorporated all the instructions the corporate Vice Presidents had given me into this email.
I was highly amused, when, within minutes of sending out this note, I got yet more email from a new set of corporate Vice President types, telling me–yes, you guessed it–that I had formatted my email incorrectly.
Of course, their suggestions completely contradicted the ones made earlier, but then, that’s what bureaucracy’s about, right?”