Dept of something’s not normal: Kimora Lee Simmons

The well-done piece in New York magazine on Russell Simmon’s wife and uber-material girl Kimora Lee Simmons does a nice job rationalizing how greed and ambition can be glossed over with fine clothes, but the best details about this odd couple come from the Kimora story running in the June 21st Star.
Telling details there: Russell is a vegan and has his own refrigerator at their NJ compound. Girlfriend has a 2,500 sq foot dressing room she hangs in, while Russ spends time in the meditation room. In most of the photos of them I have seen, she’s hanging on him, but he seems detatched.
Two kids, great PR machine–but these people seem to have nothing in common except their ambition and their mutual pride and a lotta dough.