Saw Fahrenheit 911 in New York tonight; what an amazing movie!
Go see it immediately, and then tell your friends to go.
Points Michael Moore makes:
1. Bush’s interest is to protect his family’s powerful friends and continue to allow them–and him–to make tons of money.
2. Bush is a) not that smart, b) dishonest c) will do anything to stay in power
3. Bush protected the Saudis and sheltered them from 9/11 investigations because the Saudis have been tight with Bush and his circle for 30 years–then covered it up
4. The real reason the Bush administration wanted to go to Iraq was to get control of their oil and distract America from looking into Saudi ties to Al Quaeda.
5. The US establishment cynically exploits and manipulates the working poor of American cities such as Flint, MI, where unemployment may be 40%, by using them as feeders for the military–cannon fodder while the fat cats sit back.
Moore’s movie is the same kind of personal polemical exploration of a theme that Roger& Me (1989), his first movie was, but whether you agree with him or not, this movie is a must-see.
For those caught in the is this guy a liar mode, there’s a roundup on pundit point of views in Howard Kurtz’ Washington Post column today.(That via Jarvis, natch.)
Update: Mitch Ratcliffe has a good post:
“People should see this film. The bloody scenes are things we haven’t seen, and we need to see this war and all war with complete candor, not the sanitized version presented through television, so that we can judge it for what it is. Moore does not mock soldiers, he portrays their confusion and, in some cases, the sickness that overcomes people in war, but all it is war, which is sickening.”