Hanging with the ‘rents

My husbands’ parents arrived this afternoon from Sarasota, Florida for a visit. I’ve known them forever and have gotten really close to them over the years.
This is the first time they’ve been to California since we moved back, and the drive from the airport was filled with delighted remarks on the foothills. They thought our new(rented) house was lovely, the dinner we cooked was great, and the(humongous) dog adorable. My son beamed from ear to ear throughout dinner, particularly after Grandpa announced that he was going to wash Z’s 1984 Mercedes tomorrow afternoon, with the kid’s help, of course.
They’re now in the recently-cleaned-out spare room, sleeping, while Spencer and I squeeze a last spot of work in before we go to sleep ourselves. I feel really happy they’re here and am trying to figure out how to balance all the work I have to do this week with taking them around.
As a (trying to reform) workaholic, having family around to highlight important moments is a great check on my compulsiveness. As much as I want to keep working on projects, their visit reminds me that other thngs are also important–enjoying their company, hanging out with family, taking a break.