Dallas Morning News:”Blogs are here to stay. Simply put, they are the most exciting thing happening in journalism today.”
MichNews: “Let me be blunt. Newspapers bite. The work isn’t much fun anymore, thanks to the soul-snatching corporate culture that has euthanized newsroom personalities.”
Online News Association, 2004 Award in Online Commentary rules: “This category honors a unique and powerful voice of commentary original to the Web. The commentary should display freshness of insight and clear writing. Creative use of the medium — especially in the areas of blogging and community journalism — will be considered.
eWeek: Do favors or cash motivate online business networking? “Social networking is as old as humanity itself. The whole concept is about reciprocity.”
Kottke: NYC subway rules.
Lifetoons: Clevel customized art/gifts(this is from an old friend.)
Naropa Poets: Audio on the net. The Internet Archive and Naropa have posted hundred of hours of tapes by Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Diane diPrima and others.

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  1. gary says:

    Hi Susan:
    I never saw this link to my Lifetoons site on your blog. Thanks! It’s relevant since they are currently writing me up in a glassy mag (2 years after I sent out the Press release :-)
    I’ve been at Rockwell Group for a year and a half. Been having a great time of it.
    Best and thanks again,

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