Supernova conference: Keeping the faith

Spent the past 36 hours at the Supernova conference, and am now hiding at home, getting some work done, before going back for the afternoon. This has been one of the better conferences so far, for a couple of reasons:
Energetic, diverse attendees–Supernova has a good cross-section of people from different disciplines–journalism and media, social media tools, telephony, wifi, digital identity, CMS, and so on…so it’s not the same old same old. One of my favorite presos yesterday was from Denis Crowley, founder of, a ‘hey, come have a beer wiht me!” kinda social networking service for your mobile phone. Fresh, funny, no corporate speak–and pitched just right for his audience.
Chances to mix it up with the townies–The pre-conference dinner was so much fun–there were about 110 people, ranging from jet-lagged(and not) East Coasters to super cool San Fran programming geeks and local Valley folks.
I met some interesting people I didn’t know, saw some old friends, talked to some people I’d only known virtually till now. Most exciting: Meeting John Quartman, who, back in the early 90s ran the first Internet metrics and analysis effort out of his Austin,TX digs. (This was long ago that the reports were mimeographed and mailed, like small press catalogs.)
Relevant panels: Okay, the panels aren’t as good for me as what’s happening in the halls (but you get read about them here in more detail). Still, Syndication Nation, Mapping Insights, and Users Do the Darndest Things were all worthwhile. JD Lasica as a photo album and fuller report at his blog.