Transparency and connectivity: Observations

This weekend, a clever poster commented on my Madonna/Esther entry. She was a blogger, so I clicked on the blog link she left. Blog was clever, well-done and had a link to her Ryze page.
Clicked on that. Read the bio and work history and realized she had to a)know, b) possibly would be friends with my sister-in-law in NYC. Emailed a note to her to that effect and got a reply right back: “Yes, I’d heard Amy’s sister in law was really into blogging…Now I know it’s true cause I met you on my own…”
Point: Connections are becoming(deliberately) transparent and exposed among an ever-broadening range of people. Awareness of networks that used to take months can take minutes.
It’s not just that we’re all connected–it’s that we know exactly how we are.
Of course, this also makes it harder to hide.