\Weekend reads

Mercury News writes about three Bay area writers/bloggers: JD Lasica, Christan Crumlish and Dan Gilmor. All writing books, all using social media to help edit the books. Loved seeing their names mentioned in print, and urge interested parties to check out their sites, respectively DarkNet, Power of Many and We Media.
David Roux, SilverLake Ventures: “Harvard Business School graduates scare me.” They scare me, too. (Via Paul Kedrosky)
Mediapost story on evangelizing blogging PR (w/report on Steve Rubel mini-conference–and Steve’s own report).
Steven Downes web gospel:”If you can’t do it simply, with a simple text-editor, a web server and a standard browser, it’s broken.”–The others are just as wise. (Via Roland Tangalo)