Where teens find news

A recent survey of teen attitudes has data on how teens access the news. According to the sixth annual Teen Report Card on Adults, sponsored by the Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network,56% of teens are most influenced by television, 11.5% by newspapers, and 8.8% by the Net, with magazines at 3.3%.
(Via YPulse)
I’d like to compare this data to the research being done by Professor Rich Gordon and his graduate school classes at Medill on teens and news media–I suspect the responses would be amazingly different–Gordon and his students’ take on how to package and deliver local news became a web site and newspaper insert called Your Mom.
Shameless promotional tout: Professor Gordon is going to be speaking at BlogOn onJuly 23rd–I can’t wait to hear his takes on how local news, community and classifieds are evolving as blogs, trading communities and social networks move further into the mainstream.