Are you coming to BlogOn?

BlogOn, the conference about the business of social media, is happening in just a week(!) I’m part of the program committee, so this is the shameless plug moment–this is going to be a great conference with terrific speakers and if you are a business person impacted by blogs, social networks, RSS/syndication, newsreaders, etc–or a blogger interested in the business aspects of these subjects–BlogOn is a good conference for you.
You can register here–there’s a blogger rate for self-employed, unemployed, etc., and a corporate rate (to get $100 off that rate, use the promo code “blogon” when you register.) There are also scholarships–if you need one, click here.
BlogOn also has a boot camp–a hands-on, 4 hour workshop designed to deepen participants’ understanding of all these new tools and platforms, as well as emerging business models/challenges/opportunities.
And there’s going to be a post-conference dinner in Berkeley that some local bloggers are helping to host–for conference attendees and the wider community–more on that tk.