Blogging Off on Blogon

 Overall, the BlogOn conference was high-energy, great people in attendance, psyched presentors, action in the halls and filled conference rooms(with just a couple mediocre sessions).  However, I don’t think we drilled down in the business questions as deeply as I’d hoped–partly because business models are still emerging.
One of my favorite sessions was The Business of Blogging, in whch Jason Calcanis, Stowe Boyd and Henry Copeland started to get specific about how they sell ads, what they charge for them, and what the rev shares for bloggers are.  This discussion could have gone on for an hour, instead of the 40 minutes allotted. (Resolution: I am going to post a summary of this discussion by next week.)
Another favorite was the one on local, a subject with which I am obsessed(why? harder to commoditize). Craig Newmark, Mark Pincus, Sean Bonner, Chris Tolles each spoke about their locally focused services, the revenue picture, how they saw themselves in relation both to local small businesses (typically, really helping them), and area media players. This was another session where we could have go one (with more financial data, ideally).  Comments from the audience were good, with Forrester analyst Charlene Li, discussing her recent study of local services and their (valuable) user profiles. Tickle CEO James Currier looked like he had some good things to add as well–people date locally, after all–but we just didn’t get to him.

Lots of good sessions, lots of lessons learned on how we could do it better as well.