BlogOn: Afternoon breakouts

The Business of Blogging: Calcanis, Copeland and Boyd talking about how they make money from blogging.  Some facts to note:
Copeland is grouping ads together to create contexualad blocks–“We’d rather sell several $1 ads and group them together, than one $10 ad–ads are a form of content,”
Calcanis and Boyd are not selling CMP or CPC, they’re selling delivery of a targeted audience for a deliminated amount of time, not impressions.   (Prices sound like they’re pretty much whatever they can close.)
Engadget is sold out through the end of the year, other Weblogs Inc blogs are not–Calcanis believes in teaming up with writers to split $$, limiting the ads to have ‘ad scarcity,.’ 
This discussion could have gone on for MUCH longer–the audience wants it bad.

Publishing Models and social media:  Rafat Ali, Steve Gillmor and Steve Rubel.with Halley Suitt as moderator are going at it hot and heavy with the audience, especially on the RSS tip—what kinds of feeds should authors permit?  How do feeds fit into publishing businesses?
What’s the role of PR in helping corporations blog (Rubel)? 
(Sitting in the back means I can’t see all the speakers from the audience–which means I don’t know names…)