BlogOn: Investment Panel

More conference sound bites:
Investment panel, Martin Tobias: “I would not invest in micropublishing models…Big media is our tastemaker and filter for new things.” (Violent disagreement erupts from the audience, BTW)
Same panel, Mark Kwamme: “I believe a major new news/media thing will happen in this space.”
Also,  “If you are manically focused on the customer and on your product, a great business will come out of it.”
(Mernit snark note: Clearly, you gotta tell these VCs you are a manic and a fanatic to get their attention when you pitch…wearing clothes with your new company name on them is probably a great way to convey that message, especially hats and socks–okay, I am joking.” )
Final Kwamme quote: “There’s too much VC money and not enough good ideas.”
(Hey,  can I get some?)