BlogOn: Session sound bites

Opening panel,   Reid Hoffman: “If you don’t have a blog component as part of your customer strategy, you’re missing out.”
Opening panel, Ross Mayfield, Socialtext: “Within a month, you’ll see people claiming there’s a social media bubblet.”
Privacy panel, Wendy Seltzer: The fans and the users may be better educated about the possibilities of what the Internet allows them to do than big corporations think. Fans can make their voices heard and require companies to change.”
Transparency panel, Mena Trott: “Our users couldn’t believe that we didn’t turn the trackback off-even after we had 800, 900 posts–some of them amazingly nasty. But we listened to what they told us and came back with a new licensing  policy a month later, and this time, they accepted it. In retrospect, we didn’t handle the initial change very well, we should have messaged and spoken more openly to the community.”
Transforming Corp Comm, Gregg Jarboe: “We were about to go tio Southwest and tell them that red hot airfares are not a search term–cheap fares, discount fares, low fares–are what people search for.  On Yahoo and Google, the top search result for low fares, Philadelphia was our press release–and it was at the top of the list for 3o days?We tracked $80,000 in ticket sales to one press release online.”