BlogOn:Snippets from the show

Confession: As a panel member for last night’s kick off, I confess, I took lousy notes, but I did get a good look at the crowd. Some impressions:
–A more diverse audience than some conferences–a mix of East Coast media and PR folks, West Coast media, technology, and social media masters, a heavy dose of serial entrepreneurs and product developers from the Bay area/Seattle/Boston/Baltimore/New York/DC and the UK, and heavy sprinkling from the growing list of web-based niche publishers and the consultant constituency (of which I am a part.)   Journalists and bloggers lugging laptops.  During the reception, sales guys and CEOs networking at high speed–insta-pitching over glasses of Merlot, Microsofties chugging beers, laid back, lots of chatting, laughter in the room.
At the (packed) panel, the burning question of the night was “So, where’s all this social media interest going—and where’s the money in it?”
(And no, the panel didn’t’t have an easy answer for that–but we did get some good war stories and sound bites:
John Roberts, CNET News: ‘RSS is Napster for news.’
Bill Schreiner, AOL: ‘ We’re watching the business to see how it goes–it’s too soon for us to jump in a major way–we want to see more of what our members do.’
Scott Gantz, MyYahoo: “5 years ago, you had to be a big company and do a major deal with us to get your content in MyYahoo, now, content can come from everyone.”
Tony Perkins: “I walk down Madison Avenue, and I talk to advertisers, and they know I can deliver them the customers they want to reach–and they want that.” )
More tk on sessions today.