Campaign telemarketing: Kerry calls it in

So I am sitting at the computer tonight, reading blog posts and the phone rings.
“Hello, it’s Susan,” I say.
“This is John Kerry,” the voice says after just an inperceptible pause.
John Kerry! Wow! You know it is John Kerry, I think.
Kerry goes on to ask me if I am interested in donating to his campaign.
If I want to give now, I should press 1.
If I want to give, but not right now, press 2.
Since I hate telemarketers, even Mr. Kerry, I press 2.
“Thanks,” Kerry says. “Please give us your email address so we can keep you updated on the real truth of what is happening in the campaign.”
I give Kerry my email address. I hang up.
I am totally amazed.
Kerry is the man. He gets technology. He dials it in.