Gawkin’ at the Googleplex

Due to several electronically signed legal documents I am not going to say what I was doing at Google today, but I will say visiting the G was a striking experience.
How does a brand new campus, outdoor BBQ, volleyball courts, on site haircuts and masseusse sound?
You like the flavor of halls stocked with Odwalla, soda, and water, cappucino bars and baristas every few floors, and–yes–dogs at work?
All that was cool–very Netscape 1998 to be honest–but what was really striking was the idea that a certain percentage of the youthful (average age 28), sensibly dressed (for the most part) workforce crossing the campus were about to become newly minted millionaires. After all, how many people who get into a job after school actually end up fulfilling those dreams of becoming quickly and obscenely loaded?
The consciousness of money coming their way hangs over the Google campus like a rainbow-colored mist.  That excited awareness of impending wealth, I suspect, is responsible for the sprinkling of nifty sports cars and luxury SUVs in the parking lot, including one whose plate was SRCH4U (okay, it was something else, but you get the point).  It is also the probable cause for the  politely restrained demeanor of some of the staffers(not the ones I saw, of course)–who, like well-bred children from seriously rich families, greet visitors with a careful politeness designed to counteract any potential envy.  
Yes, the Googleplex was grand.  The folks in my (unnamed) meetings were smart. And the brilliant sun, blazing across the mobiles and the post-modern metal benches, was so warm and fuilfilling, so full of hope, that I wanted to put off driving down 101 and back into my everyday life and gawk. Yup, I sat there for 29 minutes, making cell phone calls and  pretending that I too was one of the employees at this little search company that started less than 5 years ago and  is now taking over the world, gifting staffer and investors with a ‘liquidity event’ worth billions in the process. 

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