MSNBC’s Hardball spawns Hardblogger

Is it any surprise in this blog-crazed blip that Hardball has launched its own Hardblogger–and added Joe Trippi to the lineup for a little more liberal flavor (plus, it’s a good way for him to promote his book.)

Orchestrated by MSNBC campaign head Tammy Haddad (a brilliant news producer who really gets interactivity) Hardblogger is well-intentioned, but looks like it’s going to have a bit of ramping up to hit its marks as more than an online column.  Enabling readers to post comments, rather than email in their thoughts, would do a lot to add a vibrant transparency, as would moblogging informal photos from field shoots.

And of course the team could recruit Feedster or PubSub to offer some almost-realtime results from the politics-obsessed blogosphere–or even hire a “real” blogger to provide data to their team–maybe one of the accredited bloggers to the DNC.