Penenberg: Why politics needs bloggers

If you’d like to read a merciless deconstruction of why the small number of bloggers attending the DNC this weekend will receive such a large amount of press, Adam Penenberg’s latest piece in Wired is a run, don’t walk must-see.
Some sound-bites:
“Newspapers will offer succinct accounts of the speeches and parse the Democratic Party’s platform and how it will play in the red, blue and what I like to call purple (read: swing) states.
“TV news feeds its almost endless need for content by cannibalizing from print. 
“The truth about blogs and bloggers is that they are parasitic to the mainstream media they love to hate.”
Penenberg goes on to discuss a number of things bloggers could do well (and quotes my lengthy post from last week), then ends with the kicker “… maybe, just maybe, some blogger out there could make a name for him or herself by covering the convention. ”
Adam, write on–good piece.