Peter Merholz & the Old New Thing

Peter Merholz has a nice post about ‘The Old New Thing’ that highlights the time he’s spent in *new media* over the past 10 years and how he’s found some areas–user interaction, in particular–that are now his main focus.
He writes: “I’ve opted to doggedly pursue making things make sense for people, and promoting the business value of this decision. Which feels both responsible and perhaps stodgily corporate…(snip)… have I matured? Or become rigid? Or both?”
The post has some good comments from folks such as Molly Steenson and Elizabeth Goodman. (It also makes me recognize that while my own passion for digital media and consumer experience hasn’t flagged (even though I’ve been working with *online* for 12 years) there’s always somone new to learn from–and something new to learn.)