The endless BJ debate–had enough already?

I know some folks at a to be unnamed blogging company, where staff has to put money in a jar if a certain famous blogger is mentioned.
I am ready to suggest a similar ban on the (amazingly tired) debate “Is blogging journalism?”
But before I pull the jar out, I wanted to slip in Choire Sicha’s comments in Gawker on this ponderous  question:
“This weekend, Alex S. Jones of the LA Times is the latest slow-moving print dinosaur to weigh in on the topic. “[T]emporary press credentials… [don’t] turn bloggers into journalists” seems to be his point. It’s wrapped up by a lovely strawman argument — “should blogging displace traditional reporting and journalism, as some in the blogosphere predict it will, then the steak will have been swapped for the sizzle.” Right. Source that, biznatch.
Guess what: temporary press credentials actually do turn anyone into a journalist. It’s easy! Journalism isn’t some mystical black magic that my grandmother couldn’t do for some extra cash. Like, you talk to people and go to places and you see what’s there
Jones is also fisked by Jarvis and Ernie Miller, but the bottom line, is STFU, puhleeze.