USA Today’s fine whine: Bloggers have no training in journalism!

USA Today story on blogging at the Democratic National Convention is the same old sour grapes whining: “Many bloggers have no training in journalism and make no pretext about being objective.”
The story quotes Tom McPhail, a journalism professor at the University of Missouri, as saying bloggers “are certainly not committed to being objective. They thrive on rumor and innuendo…Bloggers should be put in a different category, like ‘pretend’ journalists.”
Susan’s comment: If I hadn’t had my morning coffee already, I might say, “Oh, you mean like journalism professors?” but since I have already inhaled (two) cups of morning Joe, I’ll refrain and just say “What planet are you living on, guys?
You think MTV and Fox News offer more real journalism–or are you just talking about those newspapers fewer and fewer people under 50 are reading?”
Oops, I guess I needed more coffee–snark alert.