Blogging live from Bryant Park

In NY for the week. Flew in last night, trip from Kennedy took forever. Can never go to sleep early enough–finished The Dew Breakers by Edwidge Danicat days ahead of schedule.
The city seems less humid today, hazy and a bit slow.
So here’s the cool thing–I am live blogging from Bryant Park courtesy of a free wireless project.
I’d heard about this from others, but let me tell you, sitting on the terrace drinking iced team with a free, fast net connection is pretty damn good–even if I had to pay for the tea.
–And if I could just work out the details of my camera phone, I could send and post the snapshot I just took of this leafy view–maybe later, I’ll get it figured out.
Side note: As much as I love California, coming back to NY always feels like returning home.