Cipel & McGreevey: Media circus builds

Here’s a story bound to knock Britney and Kev off the gossip pages: lawyers for Golan Cipel, named as the “other lover” in NJ Governor McGreevey’s recently announced resignation, tells an Israeli paper he was never McGreevey’s lover and all contacts were coerced. As they tell it, Cipel is heterosexual, always has been, and the ‘advances’ were unwelcome.
An AP story just filed and based on an interview with an Israeli paper has quotes from Cipel telling his side of the story; a Daily News piece on McGreevey’s first wife says she didn’t know about his hidden sexual orientation till last week.
Meanwhile, The LA Times has a story reporting that former poet and tour guide Cipel bought a townhouse outside of Trenton that the Governor personally inspected before the sale took place; the Ledger reports McGreevey is cloistered somewhere unknown and explicates the scandal.
A blogger named Soccer Dad says that Cipel used to used to be responsible for putting together the daily Israel Line reports for the Israeli Consulate and he got emails from him in the capacity(like, wow); the NY Post has a story about Cipel’s Israeli parents with the quote “My son blackmailed the governor? I don’t believe it.”
Meanwhile McGreevey and Cipel are #1 and #2, respectively, on the Movers in Yahoo search.
There are going to be a lot more articles, stories, news pieces, interviews on this one.
The guys.