HR: Would working at AOL truly make a difference?

AOL‘s got about 100 job posts out on the net right now, all for spots in Dulles, and all written by someone who must be a very young, probably very junior (and new) hire in the HR group, because they all start like this:
“At AOL, we know that the power of a single individual can make a world of difference. That’s why we offer each member of the AOL team the opportunity to stand out as we contribute to our corporation’s overall mission. Our goal is to connect, inform and entertain people everywhere in innovative ways that will enrich their lives. Already, AOL is the world’s largest online community. And this is just the beginning. Care to join us? The possibilities will inspire and intrigue you.”
Clearly, if the possibilities intrigue you, run don’t walk to apply for the positions of Senior Analyst – Call Center Analysis, Program Manager–Change Management, and other opportunities to make a difference.