Manhattan: Day 3 Diary

Good people watching tonight at the launch party for ShopEtc, Hearst’s new shopping magazine, and even better SWAG.
People: Tall girls in small dresses, or jeans and even smaller tops, toss with knit ponchos. Guys with impossibly British suits, seersucker or pinstripe with red rep ties. A guy dressed like Jack White, only with wierder hair. Joan Rivers, the real one.
SWAG(AKA gift bag loot) : Coach sunglasses. Fresh Lemon Sugar cologne. OPI nailpolish. Origins body scrub. A retro pin from Banana Republic. Lancome Mascara (!) Wicker baskets and wineglasses. J.Crew racer-back Ts.
Need I mention how different the fashion world is from my usual circles?
Okay, back to work. Nah, better go sleep.