Scott Allen: Making introductions online

The always practical Scott Allen has an excellent post about the etiquette of making introduction online. Some tips on what to include in an email to a contact when introducing a colleague:
–Who you are ? If the person you are contacting may not recognize you immediately by name, you should start with a brief reminder as to who you are and how they know you. If it is someone with whom you have not spoken in a while, you may want to remind them of your last conversation. You can write: ?As introduction, you can read my profile at ____________.? If that seems egotistical or inappropriate, you could simply say, ?As you may recall, I work for Icahn Associates. ”
–Your reason for writing ? Tell them that you are writing to make an introduction of interest to them.
–Who you are introducing ? The name of the person you are introducing.
Background on the person being introduced ? Since this is a business introduction, it is appropriate to give a brief description of the person?s line of work. You do not have to go into great detail. It is best to give a link to their website or their profile page.
–Encouragement to the parties to connect ? While this may seem obvious, the encouragement clearly shifts the responsibility for follow-up to the other parties and helps create a stronger sense of social obligation. ”
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