Seraphic Secret: Charting an apocrypha of loss

A series of (accidental) links led me to Robert Averch’s blog Seraphic Secret earlier today.
Written in response to the loss of his son Ariel a year ago from pulmonary fibrosis at age 22, Seraphic Secret is about life after traumatic loss.
Avrech feels the highs and the lows and is superbly eloquent about his spirituality and Jewish observance, passionate about his family, fierce and loving about his son.
This might be the most moving blog I have ever read.
It is definitely a gift to those who read it.
Like Julie Leung and Jerry Colonna, Avrech writes about daily life with a direct, insightful voice, but his writing burns with a Kabbalist’s otherworldly passion.
Side note: We got bad news about a family member today who became ill last night and almost died. I read this blog inbetween booking plane tickets and talking with the family and felt it gave me some calm and perspective.