revamp takes lessons from AOL Welcome Screen

The site redesign is rolling out in a beta test and looks like it’s borrowed heavily from some of AOL’s welcome screen refinements of the past 2 years.
–Flash content box/window with 5 different rotating features.
–Personalized medalist–taken from the My sites–integrated into the page.
–Extensive customization features: users can set high or low bandwidth, customize the page, edit modules, turn auto-rotation for flash features on/off
–Click and drag icons to add additional elements to page (this looks great!)
–Ability to click and collapse/extend page
–Clean, bright and easy to read interface with minimal clutter
CNET’s got a story that emphasizes how AOL’s tried portals–like–before, but always poured the $$ into their dial-up service.
This design looks good to me…let’s see how they position the site once it launches.
Oh, and Weblogsinc launched their new templates/redesigns as well..