Dept of Big News (Not): AP covers local blogs

The Associate Press filed a story this weekend on locally-focused blog sites such as Gothamist and Metroblogging. This reader (aka Miss Cranky at the moment) wonders whether the reporting desk at New York Times or the AP is more behind the curve on (gasp!) discovering cool digital things and writing wide-eyed stories about them. (I think the AP is the winner, but this story is better constructed than some of their new media pap.)
A better story, IMHO, would be “Why do the local newspapers that belong to and fund the AP continue to focus on the international stories they hope will win them Pulitzers and ignore the whole local blogging movement?
Of course, there are still many cities where the topic could be “Why, more than ten years after NANDO, are there newspapers whose daily editions have almost NO RELATION to the web sites that bear their name.”
(Okay, I told you I was cranky tonight.)