Ecommerce watch: Paris does Amazon

Noticed Amazon’s announcement of the Paris Hilton Collection, a jewelry department Amazon exclusive. Given that Amazon has something like 44 million registered (female) users, this kind of product development and promotion is amazingly shrewd and right on–Amazon is able to market the product/ brand to its audience through its own site–driving potential customers off the main page of the Jewelry section, as well as from the Teens area–oops, I forgot, they don’t have a teens area–but they should, shouldn’t they (as in teen girls)–along with some other lifestage/demographic entry points.
Seriously, recruiting a celebrity name is exactly the right move on Amazon’s part–they create a new brand that can drive traffic, generate buzz, and help build their image with the young shoppers they want to acquire. At the same time they continue to recruit established fashion brands onto their platform, broadening and upgrading their style image.
BTW, what is it with Paris and baby pink..the girl is obsessed.