Is there a Google browser?

Evidence that Google does indeed have a browser in development is piling up bigtime and bloggers are going nuts.
Anil points to a Kottke post that shows Google registered the domain this past April, and a Blogzilla post posits that recent hires would certainly provide the talent to launch a browser, a theory detailed in a recent BBC story.
Assumption, of course, is that that excellent open source Mozilla code would be key.
Robert Scoble’s interesting comment: “I’m expecting something bigger than a browser…”
It’s tempting to think bloggers are uncovering evidence of Google plans, but the reality is that a large–and wealthy–company like Google can afford to do all sorts of neat development projects and support meetings and seminars for nonprofits such as and The Media Center without it meaning that they’re launching browsers or media web sites anytime soon.
On the other hand, we all know that Google is systematically building a complete user experience and that it’s just a matter of time before the web and the desktop are unified through some cool new app they launch.
So this browser news feels right, even if the product in development turns out to be something different.