Just noticed Google Accounts integration with news alerts

Google’s much speculated upon integration of services seems to have moved forward a step with the further integration of Google Accounts, a control center for those of us who subscribe to any combination of gmail, Google groups and Google search or news alerts.
Apparently, this new feature’s been live for a week, but I was shocked when I tried to sign up for a news alert and Google immediately defaulted to my gmail account–not the place I’d planned to put it.
Clearly, the moment when gmail is the underpinning to link all the services together–including Blogger, Picasa, and Froogle–is coming closer., And that is going to make A LOT of people pay attention.
And if Google syndicates those services through partners–as they do with most established Google products–well, the thought is daunting in terms of their market domination and scale(not that it isn’t huge already.)
Update: Commentators noted that Accounts is nothing new–Pamela Parker wrote this up in May, so I have changed this post from an earlier version.
What is new is that Google defaulted to my gmail account when I tried to fill out a news alert–two other bloggers commented on that in the past week, but that feature/integration doesn’t seem like it was around before–anyone?

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  1. John Griffith says:

    Hello Susan,
    I’m trying to get an ‘invitation’ to try out the G-mail service. I was hoping you might ‘invite’ me.
    I’m a middle-school technology teacher and a wannabe literary journalist and improved access to the Usenet appeals to me.
    Thank you,

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