NYC: Dinner with Dean

Had dinner tonight with Dean Landsman, whose blog I read but whom I didn’t really know (in the real world). How did it go? Well, it was one of those times that exemplies how great the blogging world is–Dean and I had tons to talk about and got along so well we spent about 5 hours together–closed down the restaurant.
You see, meeting Dean was far more special than I could have known.
It turns out we went to school together 10,000 years ago!
It was a small private school on Long Island that was housed in an old Gold Coast mansion and catered to “smart kids.” (We both knew it really catered to the parents of ‘smart kids’ checkbooks.) The odds of meeting anyone else who went to this now defunct, little school are small, but hey, a fellow blogger, really surprising. And with that old yearbook, everyone’s name came back–and we could reminisce (okay, gossip) about them.
Of course we talked about ideas–ubiquitous computing and wireless broadband are Dean’s current passions–along with blogging –and sushi. Best of all, Dean’s a natural storyteller, whose weaving threads come back and hit the mark.
Fun evening.
Let’s do it again, maybe with more blogfolk?