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  1. Tim says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time it shattered. Evidently the first time was when the Earth was much larger. It was called Tiamat back then. Tiamat was hit by a moon (North Wind) of a passing planet (Nibiru) which only comes by every 3,600 years or so. Modern scientists are beginning to call it Planet X. The larger portion of Tiamat shattered into what is called the Hammered Bracelet Asteroid Belt (even mentioned in the Bible along with the Nephilim seemingly from Nibaru). Anyway, don’t fret about any of that, as like Eintein said, energy never dies, it only transforms. There are only four true Laws of this Universe, 1) you exist, always have, always will. 2) What you put out is what you get back… even if you can’t see the vibrations put out by so-called “victims” to attract those lacking integrity, they do attract each other… as Jesus and Buddah and many have said, Knock and it shall open. So turn your check from what you don’t prefer to what you do prefer and give your attention to what you do prefer. Said another way is, give your attension to war/fear/hate and get more of it in your face. 3) The One is ALL and the All is One. You are a theon particle of the whole, the All-That-Is. Even the one(s) who created us and allowed us to evolve or not are part of All-That-Is. 4) Change is contant, except for the first three Laws, which never change. Even black holes are only a doorway into another reality or Universe. There is a microscopic black hole in everyone (in pinial gland, if I recall), your doorway to more of All-That-Is. Final thought on my perspective sharing is two very potent magic words to any situation, “So What!” :)

  2. Tim says:

    Ooopps! I spelled Nibiru incorrectly before… but So What! Probably mispelled more than that. ;-)

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