Bloggercon’s coming

Dave reports the glad news that the Google and some others have donated a thousand dollars apiece to support Bloggercon III.’
Dave says: “This is all part of the no-editorial-concessions policy for sponsorship of BloggerCon, which is why the Google and AP contributions are so important. It establishes a new pattern that other conferences can use as a precedent when seeking sponsorships.”
I suspect Google and AP paid to have a place at the table to honor Dave and his energy in bringing this group together-and to buy a place at the table–commercial, or not.
I am completely psyched about this conference-I was at the first one, a new blogger, and was so inspird and amazged by the people and ideas.
Missed the second unexpectedly.
Now the third is in Silicon Valley, home ground and I am ready to dive in.
There are so many people I know and can’t wait to see and so many people I feel like i know and want to know better. Jule Leung, Lisa Williams, Halley, Roxanne Cooper…i await your energy with delight.
Bring it on!
Now, I live 30 minutes from Stanford, so if you need advice about which airports, places to staym etc,–ask me and i will try to help.